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37% of employees work outside the office. By 2015, about 1.3 billion of employees across the world, i.e. every sixth person, will need mobile business solutions, such as Taskenger, every day. With intelligent devices becoming more and more popular the mobile technology business has got a place among the most rapidly developing markets. If you want to join our team and become a distributor of Taskenger, please send us your contact information at

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Our Partners


Mobile Network Operators

Steadily decreasing income from voice calls and text messaging and increasing sales of data transfer make mobile network operators look for new ways of attracting corporate clients to use more data. As Taskenger does not function without an Android device and the Internet, it is natural that mobile network operators find it useful to work with us.


CRM/ERP Manufacturers and Representatives

Many companies manage their business using one or another IT system which is installed and maintained by a CRM/ERP manufacturer or its representative. We offer Taskenger to those who do not with to get involved in the development of the portable part of software. We offer CRM/ERP manufacturers and representatives both standard Taskenger functions and custom features developed upon customer’s request. We strive to make your workmore efficient and increase the value of the income line on your company’s balance sheet.


Beginning Entrepreneurs

Statistically, only 1 out of 10 business plans works out. Taskenger offers starting a business with minimum risk and investment. Join the tried out and trusted business and take it to your country. Your chances of success increase up to 90 %, and you will be able to try out more risky business ideas once you reach a steadily growing cash flow.


Software Developers

If you are a company providing software development services, you can get an order for development of a mobile business solution. Development of a product from scratch can be less efficient than using Taskenger. We can modify Taskenger based on your client’s needs. Working with us you will provide your clients with complete product well tested in real-life situations. You will do it faster and at lower cost. Your clients will be happier and your income will increase.


Wholesalers of Mobile Devices

Since each our customer buys a smart phone or a tablet computer for its employees, we could be retailers selling smart devices in the B2B sector.