Field service management becomes easier with Taskenger software

Taskenger is a great field service and mobile workforce management solution for out of office working employees.

It is a benefits for the company executives, workers and customers:

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For your customers

  • A possibility to get reports on all projects you have completed.
  • Task registration via online customer self service.
  • A better defined problem, therefore your employee arrives well prepared.
  • Better customer service increases your customer satisfaction and decreases market competition.

For your employees

  • No need to fill out paper reports.
  • All tasks are conveniently received via mobile application.
  • More reasonable daily work schedule because travel time and lunch breaks are taken into account.
  • Direct access to the information required for work. No need to call the office.
  • Reduced travel time because Taskenger chooses the optimal route.
  • No need to report task completion details, such as location, duration and type of work carried out, to the managers.
  • Possibility to use your favorite smart phone at work.


For dispatcher

  • Automated work order planning and allocation to employees.
  • Automatic sending of regular tasks to employees.
  • Real-time information about the work progress, activity plan and location of the employees facilitates the assignment of unscheduled tasks.
  • Faster response time to phone calls.
  • More efficient work because the need to call the employees by phone is eliminated.
  • More efficient report provision to the management.

For your business

  • Centrally stored information on activities and results of externally working employees.
  • Possibility to analyze activities in clusters which did not exist before.
  • Externally working colleagues are involved in the company’s objectives. For example, to reduce driving time, to reduce overtime, to improve customer service.
  • Real-time information minimizes fraud and provides complete transparency.
  • Faster cash flows.
  • Possibility to integrate Taskenger with other IT systems through existing web services.
  • Competitive advantage.