Taskenger – field service and mobile workforce management software

provides the full range of field service management solutions.

Taskenger Mobile Workforce Management system was designed and developed for companies that constantly look for new ways how to improve their businesses. This mobile application can transform your business and allows your employees to complete everyday tasks faster and on time.

The development of innovative mobile technologies, cost effective smartphones and tablets combined with smart solutions rapidly change the world of business. Nowadays, mobile world requires an adequate reaction to changes, especially from those companies that have mobile workers.

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Work order planning

Manual and automated work order planning employing cutting-edge technologies results in more efficient production at lower cost and resources.



Task registration online and their forwarding to the employees’ smart phones or tablet computers eliminates paper reports and abundant calls between the externally working employees and the office. This saves a lot of time.



Employee monitoring, work progress, possibility to reschedule tasks and forward additional information without having to make a phone call, and possibility to monitor the location of your employees – all this in real-time.


Reliable analysis

Accurate information about the time and location of accomplished work and the time spent in travel to the work site. SLA control. Possibility to compare the planned and the real route.


Private login for your customers

Stand out from the competition and allow yourself to excel by inviting your customers to follow the status of the projects they have ordered. Taskenger  allows access only to each customer’s personal information.



Employee activity map allows monitoring the location of the employees during their working hours. Therefore you can always assign a task to the employee closest to the work site this way saving time, fuel and money.


Resource accounting

Your employees will account for the resources used when completing the assignment via a mobile application. Advance to more accurate and quicker stock accounting. Accelerate cash flows, shorten the supply and production chain.


Time & Attendance

We use task locks to ensure that all work sites are attended. Employees have to scan their QR code and/or NFC sticker to be able to check the task as completed. If the location of an employee is different from the assigned location, he/she will not be able to mark the task as completed (GPS).


Electronic signature

Taskenger has 3 signing options. This mobile application can be used to sign with electronic pen, ID card issued to a customer or QR code.


Operation when mobile connection is not possible

Some tasks need to be carried out in facilities where mobile connection is not available. We have designed Taskenger to function under such circumstances as well so that the efficiency of work would always remain reliable.  The data will be synchronized as soon as mobile connection becomes available.


Taking photographs

If presently your employees must carry a camera for taking pictures at work sites, Taskenger will make it easier. Photos taken at a work site are immediately uploaded on the Internet.



API is in place so Taskenger integration to other IT systems is quick.