Water meters administrator

Taskenger client is the biggest water supplier in Lithuania. It supplies potable water and processes waste water for approximately 589 900 consumers. The company provides service to 18 131 sites. As at 31 December 2012, the company employed 897 people.

The goal of the company was to carry out more inspections and to find illegal water connections without increasing the number of inspectors/ controllers. Currently we have 40 inspectors/ controllers.

Taskenger eliminated the need to enter the data from paper reports manually and the inspectors can complete 6 additional inspections per day instead of wasting time for travelling to the office. We have calculated that we will save time for LTL 146 000 and will carry out 12 960 additional inspections during which we could find illegal water connections for LTL 113 000 per year.

We believe that our company is a good example showing that public enterprises can work as efficiently as private companies.“

More success stories

Building maintenance service provider

"Taskenger" client has been a successful building services engineer since 1994s. "Our goal was to facilitate task allocation process, to provide a reliable tool for SLA implementation and to ensure complete transparency of services.

Apartment buildings administrator

Taskenger client is a building administration and management service provider. It has been providing complex building management services for over 20 years. "We were the first Lithuanian company in our business sector to install a portable task allocation and control tool in order to improve the quality of services.

Vending machine operator

Our client is a branch of leading European supplier of beverages and snacks. The corporate group services over 150 000 locations equipped with vending machines. Over 6 million of people use them every day.